Good News!!!!

First a huge thank you to everyone who has messaged me about the “issues” I truly appreciate it. I have some great blogger friends and maybe one day we will get to meet. Now for something completely different.

The short version-

I’m able to retrieve some of most lost data.

The long version- Read with hints of sarcasm

Well in a last-ditch effort before going insane about losing all my data I tried a friends Macbook( thank you Glenn). Hooked up the external hard drive that no windows computer could read and lo and behold there was my data. Yeah!!!! Now I do not know much at all about Apple computers but over the last two days I have learned a lot. At first I thought I could just copy the files to my other external drive but no you can’t. The default file format for windows on my external drive was NTFS. Apple doesn’t play with NTFS, enter Google, couple of clicks later I found out I had to format the new drive to EXFAT format (sounds like what I call the ex-wife) Also the Apple viewer does not support Canon Raw, at least I could never find a raw reader for CR2 files to work on a mac. When copying files I would run into run into an error code 36. I read numerous articles on how to “fix” said error code and none worked. Now it gets strange, sometimes I would get the error code 36 and it would still go ahead and copy, other times it wouldn’t. Again reminds me of the ex wife, constantly changing its mind. Anyways I am getting some of my data back, not all but I think I can get over 70% back, just a slow process.

So why have I not been out photographing over this “down” time. Several reasons I want my files back mainly. School has started back up and I’m expected to go teach (and no I don’t teach English), and here in East Texas at 6 o’clock in the evening my temperature gauge, which sets in the shade is reading 103 degrees Fahrenheit and there is no relief insight. Inside where the air is cool and the bourbon is on ice feels much better. And if you read this far please take notice I did not include any profanity which in itself was a stuggle but would have been far more entertaining. Again thanks for the support everyone.


14 thoughts on “Good News!!!!

  1. My sympathies for all you have been through while getting to this point. I’m glad the outlook is much improved now. I do hope that trend continues. Take care. 🙂

  2. um … well I got lost in the first paragraph, but found my way back in the second with the103 degree temp, the return to teaching, and most importantly, that you recovered some files! Thank goodness for BOURBON!! (good luck as you continue working through this!!)

  3. I have one suggestion for you: convert your CR2 files to DNG with Adobe Digital Negative Converter. It’s a much more universal and archival format than the ever changing camera makers formats. Good luck.

  4. I think you should have a few more bourbons, then rewrite the post, to see how much profanity sneaks in 🙂

    Glad that you’ll be able to recover a good percentage of your data — very good news, indeed!

  5. Hope all gets better for you and you retrieve all your data. We lost our home and are temporarily in Crockett, Tx. May be moving to Tyler orWhitehouse in a weekm or two…maybe sooner.

  6. good to hear that you’re able to retrieve at least a majority of your pictures! maybe you should consider some kind of back-up system… i always try to have my pictures on at least 2 external drives + the computer.
    hope to see you outside with camera soon again!

  7. So, are you coming over to the “white” side ? I moved from PC to Mac about 5 years ago, my only regret, why did I wait so long………..and her in the high desert of far southwest Texas, it was 79 degrees at 6pm and 58 at 6 this am. Maybee you should also shift from the East to the West……….so happy it is all working out for you, Macs do crash too. I went through that 2 years ago, but lessons learned and all of that….blessing….jim

  8. Congratulations – you have gone through the thing we all fear…data loss! Use this as a learning experience and maintain multiple (some offline) external backups. Hope you are back to shooting soon – we miss you images.

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