Not looking Good

As you know (if you follow) my back up drive crashed. After several attempts with different software nothing as worked. Seems like my only option now is to send it off and let a pro try to recover the data. That may happen but not anytime soon as it’s not cheap. I’ve heard it can cost anywhere from several hundred to over a thousand dollars. So at this point I’m not sure what is going to happen. I’m going to try to get out this weekend and take some photos, it’s been a while since I’ve clicked a shutter. So hang in there while I get started again. Thanks everyone for being supportive, I do appreciate it.


7 thoughts on “Not looking Good

  1. Oh gosh, Bryan … I’m mourning for you! Yes, go out and shoot … having some new images to work with will make you feel better! And how will you be saving the new ones?

  2. I’m here. I just can’t click ‘like’ for any of this, as I do NOT like it. I am sorry for your troubles. I wish that I could snap my fingers or wriggle my nose and correct them for you.

  3. oh no!!! that is awful… I had a hard drive crash a number of years ago and it was torture!! best of luck in recovery…but yes, take more shots, you are an amazing photographer!

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