Catawaba Leaf


Some people use catawba others catalpa, I’ve always heard and used the former. Then again I am in deep East Texas.  The leaf is the food for the catawba worm, which is actually a caterpillar, and some people believe the catawba worm is excellent fish bait.

This is an HDR image by the way.


9 thoughts on “Catawaba Leaf

  1. Very nice. I’ve been waiting to find a Catawaba tree blooming. I know they are blooming now but none to near. The Caterpillar that are attracted by the tree make excellent fish bait. If you have never seen one, they get huge.

    • I have 4 trees growing within 20 yards of my house. You don’t see that many caterpillars on them though. As a kid there was a huge tree by our house and the worms were always up high, but it was loaded with them.

  2. I wonder if it isn’t fire ants.
    I saw something the other day that I got some pictures of, I actually had to Google it to remember what it looked like, a female bobwhite quail. Had to have been an escapee from a pen, nice fat bird and wasn’t afraid of me. Hadn’t seen one of those around here in 25 years or more

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