Old Barn in Trees

Old barn in trees b&w copyright

One of the few times I wanted to do what everyone else was doing. Yep I’ve decided to start blogging, discussing photography and technology. I am by no means a writer so please forgive my grammatical errors.  Why badsphotoblog? My initials are B.A.D. and I thought BADPHOTOBLOG would imply bad photos, which I’m quite capable of taking, so I just threw in the s to make it sound a little better anyway lets get going.

Recently I’ve been looking for barns and trees to photograph. Barns old ones in particular are interesting to me, the textures and colors of each barn is unique unto itself. The same can be said of trees, each tree is unique and special. In this photograph I was fortunate to find both. The barn sits just a few feet off of a Farm to Market road north of Teaselville Texas, which has one 4way stop sign by the way. The area used to be a large farming community, and it still is to a small degree but more and more houses are popping up. I can just imagine the stories that this scene could tell if that were possible. No telling how many grandfathers and grand-kids have been there to feed the horses and cows. At least that’s what I like to think.

I originally shot the barn in color but decided to change it to black and white. If you’re interested in the technical details aperture was set at F11, shutter speed was 1/400, and ISO was at 400 and my lens was at 28mm. There was a power-line that ran through  upper portion of the tree and a no trespassing sign on the tree to the left. I Photoshopped them out, getting down to the pixel level on the power-line and using the rubber stamp tool. The sign I used the rectangular selection tool, deleted the sign, then copied another section of the same tree to replace it. Followed by the rubber stamp tool to smooth out the edges. To convert to black and white I used a program that I recently purchased and love, OnOne’s Perfect Photo Suite 7, which I will write a review/tutorial on soon.

You can purchase a copy at my website http://www.bryandavisphotography.com


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